I’ve only read two of this guys works, so I’m only recommending two of those works. This guy has pretty good grammar, on the account that he does have someone PR for him, so that’s good. “Cheating Monster” is mostly about a person in a virtual reality and the first book was completed a while ago.… Continue reading Mickr4


Right, so Andur is a pretty good author for writing on RRL. He (I assume Andur is a he) has good grammar and his stories are actually quite interesting. They mainly consist of magi-tech and I think that the world building is pretty good. His works are also mainly in the same universe, or mulit-verse. So… Continue reading Andur


So this guy is an author, yet again, from RRL. His current works, as far as I’m concerned, is Change:New World. It’s pretty normal, the main character’s world is turned into a video game, and he has to survive. By the time I’m saying this, the school ark has ended, so it’s pretty good. Change: New… Continue reading Lv1Slime